Anna Yelaun

Anna Yelaun

Candidate for Leander City Council Seat 6

I am Anna Yelaun, a passionate and dedicated candidate for Leander City Council Place 6. With my wealth of experience and unwavering commitment, I am confident I will excel in this vital role. What truly distinguishes me is my sincere dedication to fostering positive change within our wonderful community. I wholeheartedly urge you to cast your vote for me, Anna Yelaun, as together, we will forge a stronger, more prosperous future for all residents.

Aspirations for a better Leander

Water Improvement

  • Assess the possibility of varied sources of water;
  • Introduce and assess the feasibility of Horizontal Drilling;
  • Reduce the city’s water consumption by replacing nonnative plants with drought-resistant landscaping options; ensure that future projects use native and drought-tolerant options;
  • Promote changes to laws concerning HOAs to allow for rain capture, xeriscaping, drought tolerant, and native plant gardens;
  • Propose changes to requirements for new construction to include stricter water restrictions, water capture and recycling methods, and drought tolerant landscaping;
  • Create a program to assist homeowners in xeriscape projects and other drought and water capture landscaping; create incentivization program for conversion of homeowner landscaping to drought tolerant or xeriscape options;
  • Support and partner with local landscape businesses in promoting water-reducing options to their customers through monetary support and incentives;
  • Listen to feedback from the community.

Economic Development

  • Assess and analyze the financial spend and plan for the city of Leander;
  • Promote and increase commercial growth for local businesses;
  • Generate new revenue streams for the city to be able to afford new resources;
  • Support development projects geared towards our growing young population and multi-generational families;
  • Attract professionals, local business owners, and investors to expand the opportunities for our residents;
  • Make Leander a vibrant city by taking an initiative to develop an entertainment hub through sporting events, local concerts, festivals, and a shopping area;
  • Allow options for our residents to spend more time, energy and money for the benefit of our city;
  • Assist families with improving education, childcare, and healthcare in Leander.

Safety and Community Engagement

  • Provide support to the Leander Police Department and Fire Department;
  • Engage with the community and develop entertainment facilities, parks, and public gathering spaces;
  • Foster communication between various special interest groups;
  • Create new opportunities for the community to come together through events and collaboration.

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